Getty Villa Features Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg

Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg is now available at the Getty Villa gift shop where you will have the opportunity to own a piece of hand sculpted jewelry crafted in the ancient traditions. Representing a history of fascination with an aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of ancient jewelry designs from all around the world, Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg offers Getty Villa visitors pieces which are a bridge between modern and ancient times in style and technique.

The Getty Villa is a museum committed to studying the arts of ancient Mediterranean cultures, and Liza Shtromberg’s ancient modern designs are made with the updated versions of the same techniques of handcrafting jewelry used by the jewelry crafters of ancient times, making them timeless pieces.

Find unique Liza Shtromberg Jewelry pieces like this beautiful Destination Greece pendant handcrafted in sterling silver with an imprint of Phaistos Disc.  Unearthed in 1908 in the Minoan palace of Phaistos, the original disc dates back to the Bronze Age and features 241 hieroglyphic signs which cover the face of the disc.  Tickets are free, so don’t wait to visit the Getty Villa and discover Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg. Visit to book your tickets now!

Phaistos Disc in Sterling Silver

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