To All the Mothers in the World

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Mothers, they’re the vessels of the fruit that will grow to be the new generation of humanity, the pillars that hold the household together and the source of incomparable strength. This month we’ll be honoring the greatest gift in the world, motherhood.

All around the world mothers get a day to be appreciated, usually between the months of march or may. It is a celebration that was born out of love from a daughter to the memory of her mom in 1905 and over a century later it still embodies the same meaning: appreciation for the woman who gave you life and raised you.

Think about the concept though, only one day each year is taken to celebrate a lifetime of effort, caring and patience that a woman invested into you – a bit of an unfair trade, to be honest. What about the rest of the year?

So many people put effort into making this one day special, as it should be, but what about being less ephemeral and more permanent. How about getting your mom a gift where she can carry that message of love and appreciation not only on Mothers Day but thorough the whole year.

As a jewelry designer, making long-lasting meaningful pieces is the most exciting part of my work. Most recently I got the privilege to design a set of four stacked rings for a mother, every piece had a different stone and metal depending on the month of birth of each son. A lovely idea based on the simplest of details.

So how about if this year you set yourself to surprise your mother with a customized present that will be a perennial reminder of your appreciation for her. Get her a set of earrings with her birthstone, an necklace engraved with her kids names or birthdays or perhaps a sterling silver bracelet with a message of love.

Whatever you decide to give to the woman who gave birth to you, make sure it’s special, it’s unique and specially that every intention for it comes from the heart.

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