Creating Eco Mindful Jewelry

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At Liza Shtromberg Jewelry we have a clear philosophy on what we provide for our customers: we strive to create stunning custom jewelry pieces with a guarantee of the highest quality materials and cater to the client’s imagination; and while we achieve that, we also like to be mindful about how our creations can literally making the world a better place.

Our precious stones and metals are 100% recycled. This is a term that might sound as if grandma’s jewelry is providing for all of these new pieces – not quite, but something along those lines. In our designs, you’ll find that we source all of the elements from different providers that specialize only in recycled jewelry materials as well as setting stones that the client provides themselves.

Sourcing from recycled jewelry providers can help diminish the impact of mining for gold and diamonds. In the past, we have seen how the environment has been affected by the effects of mining, an activity that has very poor regulation laws and has damaged ecosystems in Africa thanks to the mismanagement of the excavated topsoil. Along with this, reports have shed light on the working conditions that miners have endured along the years, making it a difficult choice to promote such situations while being in the jewelry industry.

For us, every grain of sand counts, and our contribution to the industry is by achieving a conflict-free diamond and other precious stone and metal sourcing method. We take your old pieces and make it a brand new amazing new gold pavé engagement ring for you.

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