Our Family Heirlooms

Whether it’s helping you choose your daughter’s first earrings or an extra special anniversary gift, Liza Shtromberg Jewelry is grateful to be part of your family. Recently we’ve had some incredible pieces made related to family heirlooms that we’ve re-treasured, and we wanted to share these stories with you:

Ramin’s Stones

Ramin, from San Diego, came to us with two heirlooms and an interesting background for them. He inherited a beautiful rough, uncut Lapis Lazuli stone and a green tourmaline from his grandfather, who was a gemstone importer from Afghanistan. After looking at a variety of settings, for the Lapis Lazuli Ramin selected a necklace and earring setting from the Cocktail Collection, which we cut the stones to and set them in Sterling Silver. For the gorgeous tourmaline, we set it in a yellow 14k gold ring from the Cocktail Collection.

Sonia’s Necklace

This is a very unusual request. Sonia has a beloved necklace given to her by her parents since childhood; a piece she wears every day. She was concerned that she might lose the necklace and decided she wanted an exact replica to wear everyday so she could keep the family heirloom in a safe place. We generally don’t make replicas of jewelry but her request was so touching we decided to help and create her everyday replica. Sonia also got herself a pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings and now has a beautiful set that she’ll wear with joy and carefree.

Rebekah & Kyle’s Rings Set

This lovely couple came with a very special request, they had a collection of family heirloom diamonds and Rebekah had a vision of her wedding rings set being comprised of 3 rings.
For the engagement ring, Rebekah originally wanted a Morganite peach colored stone but Liza recommended a Spinel stone instead, due to its higher hardness which makes a better choice in the long term to sustain a lifelong of wear and tear. This stone was crafted into a cushion cut and set in a white diamond pave’ rose gold setting.
The second ring is a yellow 14k gold ring which used a selection of family heirloom diamonds, large and small. The last ring that we custom crafted with Rebekah and Kyle, was a white gold baguette ring with family heirloom small round diamonds accented with milgrain and hand-engraved.

We love creating special pieces and we adore when these pieces bring a little part of your family history into a gorgeous piece of jewelry that will continue the legacy in your own hands.

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