Ready for March Madness: all the colors for your spring weddings

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Hello spring, hello colors! This month marks not only the beginning of daylight saving time but also the warm arrival of Spring: the flowers start blossoming, the heavy sweaters are gone and the wedding ceremonies are just around the corner.

 The season of spring is increasingly popular for weddings due to its lovely fresh weather which makes it perfect for exterior parties as well as its diversity in color. Whether it’s the bouquet, the bride’s jewelry, the center pieces or the bridesmaids dresses, this time of year brings out the color in everything and all bridal.

Spring colors lean towards warm earthy tones ranging from a pastel tone to a much brighter eye-catching one: green, orange, purple and gold are always the favorite choices.

Stones that match perfectly with these colors for your spring outfit are the greens Apatite, Aquamarine and Peridot. For a splash of purple, the Amethyst is the best way to go, and if you’re looking for warmth, count on the orange Agate and Carnelian.

It’s best to get these stones in gold jewelry pieces, as for the color contrast will match beautifully and add more glow to the outfit. If you’d prefer to wear simply gold, another suggestion would be to look into pieces made with Rutilated Quartz, which is a clear stone with golden-looking strands.

Use these tips to match your spring colors and stones and get ready to be the most beautiful bride, bridesmaid and guest of any spring weddings and ceremonies to come.

Custom Labradorite Pendants

Custom Labradorite Necklace

Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg is now offering beautiful, one-of-a-kind labradorite necklaces!  Made with unique labradorite gemstones which Liza discovered on a recent trip to India, each necklace can be customized with a variety of settings including leaf or lace imprints as well as custom settings.

Labradorites, cousins of moonstones, are beautiful gems made with the glimmering Northern lights captured within their stony surface, or so an old Inuit tale claims.  According to the legend, the rocks on the coast of Labrador once held the famous Northern Lights imprisoned within their depths until a wandering Inuit warrior discovered the trapped light.  With a mighty blow of his spear the warrior was able to free a majority of the lights.  However, the rocks managed to trap some of the remaining lights within their stony fortress, and so that is how these beautiful gems, taken from the coast of Labrador, hold prisoner the flickering Northern lights.

Gemstones and Birthstone Jewelry

Show your loved one you care with our handcrafted birthstone jewelry – a perfect gift for every occasion!  At Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg we offer a variety of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces in one of a kind designs showcasing beautiful birthstones.

Liza’s Birthstone Chart

January – Garnet

Perfect for the January birthday!  Garnets are a symbol of health and commitment.  Garnets are very durable gems and reflect the deep red seeds of the pomegranate from which they are named. 

February – Amethyst

A symbol of contentment and spirituality, amethyst is a type of purple quartz which can range from deep purple to pale lavender.  Traditionally, amethysts are associated with royalty due to their purple color, and so this aristocratic gemstone can be found in the crown jewels of noble families from Britain, Russia, and Egypt. 

Amethyst Birthstone

March – Aquamarine

  A symbol of courage, aquamarine got its name from the Latin aqua marina or “water of the sea” because its color resembles an ocean wave.  Set in 18k white gold and surrounded by micro pave diamonds, the famous 109.92 carat Hirsch Aquamarine is a beautiful example of a perfect shade of aquatic blue and can be found in the collection of the House of Louis XV.

March Birthstone

April – Diamond

A symbol of raw strength and invulnerability, diamonds are the oldest and hardest minerals known to man.  Diamonds reflect a rainbow of hues and can also be found in a variety of shades including white, pink, green, blue, brown and black.  One of the rarest and oldest diamonds is the 530 carat Star of Africa which rests in the sceptre of the British crown jewels.

May -Emerald

A symbol of beauty and love historically associated with the goddess of Venus, the finest emeralds are as valuable as diamonds.  One of the largest emeralds is the Mogul Emerald which is cut in the form of a rectangular tablet and dates back to 1695.  Islamic prayers decorate this beautiful emerald tablet on one side and on the opposite side the stone is engraved with lavish flowers.  

June- Pearl

A symbol of faith and integrity, pearls are simply fun! They come in a large variety different shades including white, pink, yellow, blue, black, and grey.   A pearl is known to be a stone of innocence, helping one the path toward wisdom and personal growth.

June Birthstone

July – Ruby

A symbol of love and vitality, the ruby is a rich, red gemstone and second only to the diamond in hardness.  Rubies were traditionally mined in India where they were called the ‘king of gemstones’ from the Sanskrit ratnaraj.

July Birthstone

August – Peridot

A symbol of dignity and protection, peridot helps to regulate cycles of life.  Peridots are also one of the oldest gemstones and can be found in Egyptian jewelry as early as 2nd millenium B.C.  Peridot, with its bright apple green color, is a perfect gemstone for a cool summer wardrobe!

August Birthstone

 September – Sapphire

A symbol of serenity and harmony, sapphires are a versatile gemstone and come in many different shades including pink and white though they are mainly a deep blue.  Perhaps the most magnificent specimen of sapphire is the beautiful Star of India which was stolen in 1964 by Murph the Smurf and ransomed for $25,000.

September Birthstone

October – Opal

A symbol of happiness, the opal comes in many different colors ranging from Peruvian Opals with their teal hue to Mexican Fire Opals which flash brilliant red and orange to iridescent opals which reflect all the colors of the rainbow.  

October Birthstone

November – Citrine

Perfect those cool fall months or fresh summer days, yellow citrine reflects the colorful leaves of autumn and can be as light as a sunflower or as deep as amber.  Also known as gold topaz, Madeira, or Spanish topaz; citrine was historically mined in Spain.

November birthstone

December – Turquoise

Turquoise, December’s birthstone, is a soft gemstone and can be found where there are high concentrations of iron or copper.  Friendship, loyalty, and constancy are represented in turquoise, and the gemstone has been particularly valued by the Aztecs who used turquoise to decorate their ceremonial masks.

December Birthstone

Gems of Love


Throughout time and cultures,  these gems have been known to enhance, inspire, and cultivate love.


The Ruby

The Ruby has been used as a stone of noblemen, especially in the Asian countries of India and China, and has been called “Lord of the Gemstones”.  It is sometimes used in addition to the diamond on engagement rings because of it’s strong symbolism of love, respect, and dignity.


The Garnet

This gem can be traced back to 3100 BC- as it was used in Egyptian jewelry.  The Garnet is a stone of romantic love, passion, sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy.  According to Ayurveda, Garnet should be set in gold for individuals with nervous or sluggish dispositions, while active people should wear Garnet set in silver.


The Rose Quartz

If you are looking to attract love into your life, Rose Quartz is the stone for you.  Since the Middle Ages, Rose Quartz has been given as a love charm to young girls.  A stone of unconditional love, especially unconditional love of one’s SELF, Rose Quartz is sensitive, calming, and reassuring.

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Summer has Arrived!

Summer may have only just begun, but there are some definite trends that have managed to establish themselves into our fashion psyche for the months to come.
From strapless dresses to gladiator sandals, from resortwear to high waists, the summer of 2009 has some undeniable trend-based staples.

So you have dutifully included these gorgeous, must-have pieces into your closet. The question now: How do I accessorize them?
What necklaces should I wear with a strapless dress?
What metals or stones can’t I wear with white?
What earrings should I wear with beach wear?
How can I make my necklace go from day to night with my maxi dress?

This is all a lot to take in, but have no fear.
By simply following some tried-and-true rules, and having the confidence to break some others, you will be well on your way to perfectly accessorizing your favorite summer outfit.

Rule #1:
Jewelry can take an outfit from casual to dressy, day to night.
The great thing about the maxi dresses of the season is they can go from being casual and beachy to dressy and attention-getting. The first main difference would be the shoes. Flats for the day and strappy heels at night. The second difference would be the jewelry. Longer necklaces tend to be more Bohemian, where short necklaces tend to be more classic and sophisticated. Gold adds a hint of trend and a more exotic look where silver can keep it simpler.

(This dress is in dire need of a long gold pendant necklace.)

Rule #2:
The greatest gift strapless dresses give us is the opportunity to accentuate our collarbones!
Strapless dresses are a huge trend this season, and they are a great opporunity to draw attention to the beautiful area of your chest and shoulders. Because they leave that area so bare, it is a shame not to wear a stunning necklace, both to draw attention the area and to give it just the right amount of coverage. They especially lend themselves to short chunky necklaces and “statement” necklaces, very ornate necklaces that frame your collarbone. Take advantage of the opportunity to wear a gorgeous necklace that may be too chunky or busy for other outfits.

Rule #3:
It is possible to wear jewelry with your beachwear, but keep it light!
On long summer days, or on holiday, it is not uncommon to keep your beach wear on throughout the day, from the beach itself into the night. This is part of the easiness that makes dressing for summer fun and sexy. Even with this ease, it is possible, and encouraged, to wear jewelry with this summer attire. However, switching gears to a more natural, summer-y, ethnic, Bohemian look is usually the way to go. Jewelry that uses mother of pearl, turquoise, wooden charms and beads, gold, and silver can acheive this. The idea is to maintain a look that appears low-maintenance while still tying your outfit together.

 This outfit is perfect for a long drapey necklace

Rule #4:
Break the rules.
Silver and gold are fashionble now, so women don’t have to stick to only one, no matter their skin tone. That is what summer is all about. Also, if well-balanced, it’s all right to mix metals. (Although, this season it is especially trendy to play up contrasts and wear white or black with gold.)  Another rule that it’s okay to break is how much jewelry you decide to wear.  Summer leans toward a bohemian look, and the Bohemian look encourages us to wear as much jewelry we like, keeping it eclectic and fun.
Sterling Silver, Smoky Quartz, Labradorite
Balance is the key for accessorizing, so if you understand how to do that you will be set. Enjoy your summer!

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