Spruce up your fall wardrobe with an everyday earring

Fall is the season when the leaves change colors and drop to the ground, when the colors in your wardrobe fade away and give way to the season’s staple item: huge coats –or light sweaters if you live in Southern California.

And as the temperature gets cooler, mostly does your closet’s color palette. Hues of grey, blue, brown and black become more prominent during the cold months of the year but should your jewelry freeze up as well?

This year’s pantone fashion color report from NYC Fashion Week has revealed that colors such as Misted Yellow, Sangria, Radiant Orchid and Aurora Red will be joining the regular Royal Blue, Cognac and Aluminum as the color trends of the season. This means that a vibrant palette will be the fashion’s world counter-response to the gray autumnal sky and for us, the best way to bring that color out to make you pop is in one of the most diverse pieces of jewelry: the earrings.

A dangle or a ring gold earring will add the warmth that you need to bring out a delicate and elegant touch to any outfit and paired up with the ideal stone, you’ll be able to spruce up your wardrobe with an earring piece that will work on any outfit, any day.

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 Just like Marilyn’s diamonds were her best friends, you could also say that so were her chandelier earrings. The popular 50’s icon was photographed numerous times wearing different styles of chandelier earrings made out of pearls and diamonds; and though the fifties are long gone, the style has remained!

The word “chandelier” has its roots in the latin word “candere” which translates into “glisten”. A perfect definition for the purpose of this accessory: to shine the beauty of the woman who’s wearing them. The chandeliers can vary in designs that adapt to the fashion of a picnic day or to an outfit for a night out and about.

Short and long, thin or voluminous, with pearls and brilliants, cubic zirconia and blue goldstone, green aventurine and rose quartz, for chandeliers – the combinations and the styles are unlimited. For your next night out, remember to glisten with your chandelier…

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The Month of the Sapphire

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The gemstone of the month of September is the Sapphire, and what an excellent choice so fit for this time of the year.

The month of September is a time of fluctuation, when the summer weather starts to cool down and slowly lead the path for fall to come in. Its a month of changes and as change is unexpected, so are Sapphires. Unlike Diamonds, which are readily available in shape, size and color; sourcing the right Sapphire stone for a project can be an intricate challenge as they are each one of a kind.

The beauty of the sapphire lies in the variety of the gem; the colors are all unique from stone to stone, as well as the shapes. Its a diversity of tones than range from the characteristic blue, a lovely match for platinum, to a warm orange that will pair amazingly with rose gold.

During this month, I suggest you to check out all of the hues and varieties of Sapphire and find your favorite kind. At least thatll get you one step closer in the search of your perfect sapphire stone.

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The beauty of custom-made

A diamond is a girls best friend, or maybe an emerald, or perhaps just a sterling silver ring. Truth is, jewelry is an almost infinite landscape for tastes and styles that will always be subject to the point of view of the user and that, in particular, is truly unpredictable as for the most beautifully crafted pieces can be left in the browsing window if the client doesnt connect with it, if there isnt any sparks. For some people, finding the perfect piece is easy, for others its more of a serendipitous case and for a few, it seems just impossible. Until they come across the marvelous opportunity of having custom-made jewelry.

As jewelers, its immensely rewarding to treat each ornament as a personalized gift, to tailor it to the clients measures, to engrave their beloved dates and to place the stone that will reflect their style best, because in a piece that is handmade the spark will never be missing. As soon as its finished and delivered it immediately transcends from being just a fashion purchase: Its becomes the ring that they will carry each day, the earrings that theyll wear in special occasions or the necklace that will pass onto the next generation. When you attach that sort of sentimental value to a creation of your own, it seems as if it becomes another family member.

This season in Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, were releasing one of our most exciting collections yet, titled La Familia. An entire set of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings all customizable to the clients desires of metal, engraving and birthstone. La Familia, translates into The Family, a perfectly fitting name for a matching collection to dedicate to your loved ones.



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Liza Shtromberg Jewelry is inclusive!

At Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, we have always had many clients from the LGBTQ community. With the latest round of Court decisions to legalize same-sex marriage, we are so excited to see some of our favorite clients planning their weddings and honored that they are choosing us for their wedding rings!

Last year we were thrilled to participate in the first LGBTQ Wedding Expo in Los Angeles. Here at LS, equal marriage and same-sex love has never been a question; we can see that same-sex marriage will be one of those historic moments that we look back on and wonder “how on earth could there ever be another way?”

With same-sex couples joining the journey of finding a way to express their declaration of love and commitment, we often find that looking for the engagement and wedding rings is an opportunity to explore the dynamics of a couple’s relationship.


As couples look for something special for that special someone, we recognize that this stage can sometimes present itself as overwhelming.We know: you want something meaningful and symbolic. Slightly unconventional. Definitely unique. Your ring is a statement -you want it to count.

But let’s face it – the journey can be bumpy. Who proposes to whom? Is a lesbian engagement ring an available option? Do you both wear one? What about that moment when the jewelry store doesn’t have selections for same-sex couples?

Our process is to support each couple’s in making the best choice for their union and we delight in helping our clients with creating their perfect ring through custom designed jewelry by Liza Shtromberg. 

Go classic or unconventional. Matte or high shine. Contemporary or Rustic. Reset a diamond from your grandmother’s ring or design your own.

We make gay engagement rings for men, lesbian promise rings with or without gemstones, and custom wedding rings for every kind of couple. From same-sex to straight to queer-curious, we create gorgeous pieces with the highest commitment to quality and care.

Whether the happy couple is looking for lesbian wedding rings or gay engagement rings or vice versa or both, here are a few ideas to get you started on same-sex wedding rings and jewelry!

Complimentary…not “Matching”

Made with White Gold and a hammered texture, this wedding ring set has some common aspects but each ring is individualized by accenting with stones.

White Gold Wedding Rings

Gina and Amy

We have non-matching wedding rings, for the independent lovers, and offer an option to engrave initials on the inside, symbolizing the powerful, intimate link between one another.



We feel honored to be a part of your family’s naarative!

We look forward to celebrating with you soon!

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“I do!”

At Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg we feel honored to be a part of your special day. Engagement and wedding rings are the beginning of a family’s narrative, and we are committed to helping you create your own story that you will enjoy sharing with loved ones for years to come.

Our philosophy is one principle, that there are no rules! Every couple and individual can choose a design that they feel reflects their style. Not only we will not ever tell our clients what they should they select, but if they are not sure, we developed a process to guide them to identify what they will enjoy wearing for years to come. By reviewing a wide variety of choices of styles, textures, designs and ideas, we help our client is a personalized process to identify the ring of their dreams.

We create designs that are classic, unique, personal and reflect you!

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The Gift of Jewelry: Perfect for Life’s Celebrations and Occasions

There are so many occasions to gift a timeless token of thoughtfulness…

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We hope to inspire you with new, exciting jewelry gifting ideas so you can discover the perfect piece of jewelry for every occasion.

As an art form jewelry-making is celebrated through ages past as using some of the highest precision skills in human history to tell the narrative of people’s beliefs and life’s celebrations.  Jewelry’s original purpose was to celebrate and commemorate life’s special occasions and milestones.  Designer Liza Shtromberg creates jewelry with a timeless look and feel, harkening back to jewelry old function as timeless pieces meant to become family heirlooms.  Today for many people jewelry continues to be counted as family heirlooms and also as valuable objects in human culture and history around the world.

When it comes to that special anniversary, wedding, or engagement gift, the perfect piece of jewelry can make the celebration simply magical. Custom engagement and wedding rings or beautiful necklaces, earrings, or bracelets are the ideal way to celebrate longtime love or new love.  At the same time, a specially selected piece of jewelry accompanied by a heartfelt love letter can be a beautiful way to tell your loved one that you care.

Every time the receiver wears your gift, they are reminded of your thoughtfulness, and filled with warm thoughts of you. Birthdays and the birth of a baby call for a specially selected piece of jewelry. Sometimes the best way to say, “Congratulations!” or to express encouragement, Thank You ,Graduation,  Sympathy, and many more sentiments and occasion.

Sometimes a perfect jewelry piece is just the thing to say “I’m here for you” to help a friend or family member who is going through a difficult time.

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The “Heritage” Collection

Co-Design Our Newest Collection with Designer Liza Shtromberg!

"Shema Israel" Necklace made with imprint of the texture of The Western Wall in Jerusalem

“Shema Israel” Necklace made with imprint of the texture of The Western Wall in Jerusalem

What does your heritage mean to you? Everyone has a “heritage,” a tradition, a connection to their roots. We invite you to explore your own heritage and share it with others by contributing to our newest collection, “Heritage.”

As residents of Los Angeles we are privileged to enjoy a wide diversity of cultures, and benefit from the broad variety of backgrounds that each of us bring to the LA community. As you start to consider how you understand your heritage, join us on a journey to not just become more aware of your own cultural beliefs and practices but also learn about others’ cultures, traditions, and values. While exploring other customs from people all over the world, we find many values which are common to all communities, and through another’s eyes we discover new ways of looking at the same things. Recognizing such cultural differences and similarities enables us to transcend the cross-cultural divide and allows us to embrace the values of others.

We would like to invite you to submit a symbol, image, or text which symbolizes the word heritage to you. Out of all your submissions, we will chose several to be included in our new “Heritage” collection! If we use your submission in our collection you will get a free piece of jewelry imprinted with your submission!

There is no limit to the number of entries and every entry used will get a free piece of jewelry. If we receive multiples of the same symbol, text, or image, and we chose that submission, then the first one submitted will win the free piece of jewelry.

Email your submissions to liza@lizashtromberg.com to be included for entry.

Sample Submissions Can Include Symbols, Images, or Text:

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Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg together with Works of Art Hair Studio present Bridal Art “Step Out of the Box”

Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg collaborating with Works of Art Hair Studio www.worksofarthairstudio.com, a full-service salon providing great styles in the Los Feliz area for over seven years and a top choice for many locals when they feel their hair is in need of some tender, loving care, together present Bridal Art, a unique bridal event on Sunday, November 11 from 6:00 to 9:00pm.

Featuring local “out of the box” wedding artisans, Bridal Art will present the soon-to-be-married with exquisite, non-traditional wedding resources which will embody the essence of a personal, unique, and unforgettable wedding. With the perfect blend of unique bridal vendors, brides and grooms will have the opportunity to plan their dream wedding or find themselves inspired with innovative ideas.

The event will focus on the bridal artisans’ exquisite craftsmanship including the unique wedding and engagement rings of Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg www.lizashtromberg.com. Using a variety of gemstones including conflict free diamonds, colored diamonds, vintage diamonds, and rose-cut diamonds, their heirloom-quality wedding and engagement rings are truly a breath of fresh air.

Also on display will be the beautiful floral arrangements of Jasmine’s Garden: Unique Floral Designs www.jasminesgarden.net. With a mission to provide creative floral designs with fresh, beautiful flowers, Jasmine’s Garden specializes in delicately designed floral arrangements perfect for every special event, occasion, or gift. 

Center stage will be set by a fabulous Bridal Fashion show, where models will display the gorgeous gowns of Alina Pizzano Couture Bridal www.alinapizzano.com. Specializing in custom-designed gowns using only the finest novelty fabrics and embellishments, Alina fills the bridal gown niche with elegance, inspiration, and individuality. Inspired with a sense of romance combined with contemporary design, Alina’s magnificent couture gowns are true “step out of the box” pieces.

Also in our bridal fashion show are the luxurious bridal lingerie of Dreamgirl International www.dreamgirldirect.com. Providing brides with innovatively designed, quality fitting, competitively priced fashions devoted to beauty, glamour and playfulness which fulfill peoples’ (of all ages & sizes) desire for eternal youth, Dreamgirl’s bridal lingerie will inspire brides’ honeymoon list.

Showcasing exquisite examples of bridal makeup in our wedding fashion show, Mariah Nicole Makeup & Hair Artistry www.mariahnicole.com offers makeup and hairstyling services for any special occasion. The best makeup & hair services for events, commercials, fashion, films, and print, Mariah helps brides achieve their ideal look by providing one-on-one luxury services using only the finest of makeup products.

Stunning photography will be present in the work of PBF Photography www.pbfphotography.com. Providing high quality professional digital photography services for weddings, birthdays, and other special events; PBF Photography specializes in capturing all the little details which make a wedding unique.

Guests will be able to sample mouthwatering catering lovingly created by the good people of Kitchen12000 kitchen12000.com, an LA based events company which specializes in throwing rad parties with amazing food. With a fresh, new menu tailored for each event, the experts at Kitchen12000 make a point to spotlight food in its most natural state, combining fresh produce with refined culinary technique and tasteful presentation.

Guests will also have a chance to taste the delightful delicacies of Lark Cake Shop www.larkcakeshop.com. Inspired by the bohemian modern esthetic of Silver Lake, Lark Cake Shop designated their “look” as stylized and simple, refined yet interesting. They specialize in the rich, sweet and delicious, and whenever possible they use the freshest locally produced or distributed ingredients in their products.

Everything comes together with the encaustic paintings of Nicole Fournier Photographic Arts www.nicolefournier.com. Based on an artistic process dating back to the 3rd century, Nicole’s art is a combination of photography and encaustics, created by transferring images directly into beeswax and embellishing them with colored wax mediums. The result is a masterpiece and a truly unique way for couples to portray their wedding day.

This event is free and open to the public. The event will take place at 4655 1/2 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. For more information please see our Facebook page.

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