Ready for March Madness: all the colors for your spring weddings

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Hello spring, hello colors! This month marks not only the beginning of daylight saving time but also the warm arrival of Spring: the flowers start blossoming, the heavy sweaters are gone and the wedding ceremonies are just around the corner.

 The season of spring is increasingly popular for weddings due to its lovely fresh weather which makes it perfect for exterior parties as well as its diversity in color. Whether it’s the bouquet, the bride’s jewelry, the center pieces or the bridesmaids dresses, this time of year brings out the color in everything and all bridal.

Spring colors lean towards warm earthy tones ranging from a pastel tone to a much brighter eye-catching one: green, orange, purple and gold are always the favorite choices.

Stones that match perfectly with these colors for your spring outfit are the greens Apatite, Aquamarine and Peridot. For a splash of purple, the Amethyst is the best way to go, and if you’re looking for warmth, count on the orange Agate and Carnelian.

It’s best to get these stones in gold jewelry pieces, as for the color contrast will match beautifully and add more glow to the outfit. If you’d prefer to wear simply gold, another suggestion would be to look into pieces made with Rutilated Quartz, which is a clear stone with golden-looking strands.

Use these tips to match your spring colors and stones and get ready to be the most beautiful bride, bridesmaid and guest of any spring weddings and ceremonies to come.

Pearls: The Wedding Gem

Pearl Necklace

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Shimmering luminously with a soft inner glow, a strand of iridescent white pearls or even a single pearl can be the perfect piece for any bride on her wedding day.  This most precious and revered gem has long been regarded in every culture as one of the rarest, most valued and symbolic of all gemstones.  And no wonder!  The pearl is unique among all gems due to its organic nature, being the only gemstone which is created inside a living creature, a mollusk.  Therefore, it should be no surprise that the pearl, praised throughout the ages by the great poets of every culture for its unparalleled beauty, cool luster, and exquisite shape, has been the gem of choice for generations of brides on their wedding day.

Pearl Necklace

Grey Freshwater Pearls with Sterling Silver Paisley Clasp

“And Krishna brought forth pearls from the depths of the sea

to give to his daughter on her wedding day.”

-The Rig Veda, Ancient Hindu Book, c. 1000 BC

Among the many cultures which celebrate the tradition of wearing pearls as wedding jewelry, the Hindu culture traces its pearl lore back to its holy book, the Rig Veda.  This ancient text chronicles the discovery of the first pearl, describing how the god Krishna descended into the sea, unearthed the pearls, and joyfully presented them to his daughter on her wedding day.  What a magnificent and queenly gift!  A perfect illustration of the pearl’s peerless value and unmatched beauty.  Perhaps the first record of pearls and weddings, this Hindu text marks the beginning of the age-old belief that pearls are jewelry befitting a bride.

Gold Filled Freshwater Pearls and Cubic Zirconia Chandelier Earrings

 Not just India but many cultures all over the world from Greece to Rome to Polynesia possess a rich history of associating pearls with purity and love.  In Polynesian pearl lore there is a legend that when the god of peace and fertility wanted to show his affection to the Princess Boro Boro he offered her a single perfect pearl as a token of his love.  Pearls were considered in much the same way by the Romans who believed that pearls were symbols of love, which would help ensure marital bliss.  To the Greeks, pearls were considered the “wedding gem,” a stone unmatched in beauty.  What a perfect and meaningful gem to grace your neck on one of the happiest days of your life!  

For today’s bride there is a much more diverse selection of pearl bridal jewelry with pearls available in a variety of shapes and colors including white, champagne, pink, blue, brown, and gold.  Such a large variety of pearls allows each bride to take this traditional gem and personalize it. Pearl bridesmaid jewelry can also make a lovely and memorable gift for your bridesmaids or even the mother of the bride.  On your wedding day, feature elegant, lustrous pearls at your neck, encircling your wrists, or even dangling from your ears for an unforgettably timeless look evoking ancient traditions of love as you walk towards your future.

Recycling makes a happy bride and groom!

Recently a lovely couple came to Liza Shtromberg Jewelry to buy wedding rings.

Pave diamond white gold engagement ring

We told them they can trade in their unwanted gold and platinum jewelry and receive store credit. Their family decided to pitch in and donated a few pieces of unwanted jewelry, and one of the rings had a center diamond that we were able to use in the style the bride loved the most. We were able to modify the setting to fit the size of the diamond. With the biggest expense in a diamond ring being the center diamond, and the credit from the recycled gold, the couple was able to get their favorite styles by spending only 25% of the total cost of the rings!

And they lived happily ever after…

Create your own happy wedding ring story at Liza Shtromberg jewelry. Be green, and save green with our unwanted jewelry recycling program, and by choosing engagement and wedding rings made with 100% recycled metals and diamonds at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry. We have a new selection of solitaire styles, with complimentary his and her wedding rings.

Destination Wedding: Hawai’i

Further personalize your destination wedding with location complimentary jewelry.  Liza Shtromberg Jewelry Studio, in Los Feliz, CA, will help you to choose from her signature styles, or design customized pieces for your big day.

Looking out toward the horizon, the sunrise illuminates the secluded white sandy cove and reflects off of the brilliant turquoise water.  The exotic scent of this morning’s fresh fruit- pineapple, guava, papaya, mango, and banana- fills your senses with bliss, as you watch the waves crash onto ancient lava rocks.  You smile at the sight of wild doves circling above, for this is exactly what you had dreamed for your wedding day.  Hawaii’s enchantment parallels that of your love, and you want to make this visually apparent in your ceremony.

Aloha literally translates to “the breath of life”, and is an expression of unconditional affection that acknowledges the importance and appreciation of another persons existence.  It is a word to recognize what can not be heard, what can not be seen, and the knowledge of what can not be known; the true essence of love.

The vibrant and fragrant flowers of Hawai’i have always been a symbol of Aloha.  Shower yourself and your bridal party in Aloha with jewelry from Liza Shtromberg’s Flowers Collection.

Walking towards your future, beaded multi-chained earrings adorned with mother of pearl carved flowers and cubic zirconia droplets frame your radiant face.

If you prefer to display your neck, consider this pearl choker with a carved amazonite flower.

Another memorable token of your ceremony on the island is this beautiful carved serpentine and amazonite floral ring with a rose quartz stone all set in sterling silver.  Looking down at your ring, you will never forget the true meaning of Aloha and your incredible experience in Hawai’i.

Your bridesmaids carry rich bouquets of Hawaiian yellow plumeria and purple orchid.  Pikake is woven in their hair and from their ears hang delicate flowers carved of mother of pearl, and accented with peridot.

Imagine a gentle flower carved of mother of pearl hanging from your mother’s neck as she proudly bears witness to the Lokahi (unity, to be expressed with harmony) before her.  This necklace would also make a wonderful gift to those important loved ones who put so much into making your day absolutely perfect.  This is a wedding they will never forget.

View these tropical pieces and more at:

While you are visiting view the entire bridal collection at:

You will be sure to find the perfect wedding jewelry for your ceremony in the vast collection at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry.  Stop by the studio showroom located at 2120 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles or call the studio at (323) 913 1444 to see the pieces in person and to learn more about your custom jewelry design options!

Alina Pizzano Couture Bridal

We are developing a trend of reporting on very beautiful things…

So it seems only fitting that our next featured vendor would be Alina Pizzano, an incredibly talented designer and owner of  Alina Pizzano Couture Bridal in South Pasadena, CA.

Alina has worked as a designer for Anne Klein and was the Senior Designer for BCBG Max Azria before her passion for bridal gowns inspired her to open her design studio and boutique.   She works individually with brides to create beautiful couture wedding gowns and also designs an incredible original collection.

From classic to contemporary, satin to lace, and everything in between, Alina has made a name for herself by employing expert craftsmanship and the finest materials to make breathtaking gowns that are not only one of a kind; they bring out the beauty and uniqueness of each of their brides. 

When she creates a gown for a bride, she stays with them every step of the way, from the initial design to fittings up until the big day.  She understands the importance of personal attention and attention to detail, while giving her clients that universally-coveted “wow” factor.

We just love these dresses for their elegance and originality.  Alina has put years of design experience into practice and it shows.  They exhibit unparalleled quality and style.   We are proud to make her one of our featured vendors.

You can see more of Alina’s creations at:

and visit her blog, Couture Dossier, at:

Or, please feel free to visit her lovely boutique at:
235 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA  91101

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Florabundance: Lilla Bello Studio

Since Liza Shtromberg Jewelry makes engagement rings, we have both the pleasure and the honor of being involved with a couple’s nuptials  from the very beginning.  We get to work with the couples throughout every aspect of their wedding process, from the initial engagement to right before (and often after) the wedding.  Naturally, we have become very familiar with the entire wedding process from start to finish.

Because of this, it is understandable that we sometimes hear through the bridal community grapevine about particularly exceptional wedding vendors, from bakers to florists to bridal gown salons.   We hear about them from the couples themselves or we are able to refer them to our couples.  We have learned that, where wedding vendors are concerned, only the best will do, and the best way to learn who are the best  is through referral.

We have decided to feature those rare and special vendors here on our blog in the rare occasion that we find one that is so good, so unique, we would be doing any clients and future clients a disservice by not sharing information about them.

Our first official  featured vendor, one of the exceptional companies we’ve mentioned above, is the Lilla Bello Studio in Santa Monica, CA.  They have established themselves as the premier wedding florist in Los Angeles, not to mention the most creative and breathtaking.

To call these arrangements would be an injustice.  We think they are works of art.

To call them simply lovely would be an understatement, they are so thoughtful and stunning that we believe they MAKE, not simply add to, the aesthetic of these events.

Lilla Bello has been an established florist for weddings and events since 2004, but founder/owner/designer Toby Kassoy has been designing in the floral industry for around twenty years.  She is a visionary in wedding floral design, as you can see, but is also passionate about weddings as a whole.  She also writes their wedding-related blog:

This is where they are able to showcase their amazing work, as well as give helpful, insightful, and fun information for brides and bridal enthusiasts, from tips to trends to testimonials.

No one knows better than a jeweler how important the details are.  Especially when it comes to that big day.  It is a genuine treat to find another designer, whether in apparel or flowers, who exhibits this concept with the same passion and understanding.

Kudos to you, Lilla Bello Studio, for your beautiful work and for setting the bar for vendors in our precious wedding community that much higher.

For more information about Toby, Lilla Bello Studio, or their weddings and events, please check out their site at:

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Unconventional is the Thing with Mens Wedding Bands

White Gold Hand Sculpted Mens Wedding Band

It is wedding season, and we have been custom making our share of beautiful hand made men’s wedding bands.

Like his bride, the contemporary groom wants a ring that will stand out from the rest.  Not every groom wants a standard, cookie-cutter traditional ring.  Many would love something interesting, understated, and unique to them.

From organic to hammered, sculpted to refined, the new men’s wedding band is more than just an average ring.  When a ring is custom designed and made for a groom, it has a special and intimate quality that is truly invaluable.

Even more special is the new option of having a ring made in recycled metal.  It is a more eco-concious and ethical way to have a beautiful piece of fine jewelry, and the look of the ring is not affected at all.


For all of these reasons and so many more, it only makes sense that men are opting for custom and handmade rings over the traditional.

After all, not only is your wedding band a reflection and symbol of your everlasting love, it is itself also everlasting.

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Commitment Rings: Creating a New Tradition

Every person, every relationship, every couple is unique.  Their sentiments are no exception.   Contemporary couples have therefore begun to create new ways to express these sentiments.  One of these tokens is the commitment ring

Commitment ceremonies are a way for couples to break from tradition while confirmining their love and commitment to each other.  Commitment rings or bands are used to signify this commitment. 

They have become a new staple for same-sex couples to use in these ceremonies, and are a way for other couples not yet ready to wed to let each other know they are dedicated to the success of their relationship. 

Ultimately, commitment rings are just that.  They are a way to show your commitment and dedication to a relationship, a symbol of love, friendship, affection, and a desire to grow together.  They are not necessarily engagement rings, but a way for two people to show eachother they care, and to possibly break some old traditions in order to create some new ones. 

18K Yellow Gold and Diamond-Studded Ring can be an engagement ring or wedding band

18K Yellow Gold and Diamond-Studded Ring can be an engagement ring or wedding band

At Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, we offer a wide variety of choices in bands to choose from, perfect for promise or commitment rings.  From Silver or Gold bands to rings with stone settings, we can help a couple choose the perfect rings to signify their commitment.

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