The “Heritage” Collection

Co-Design Our Newest Collection with Designer Liza Shtromberg!

"Shema Israel" Necklace made with imprint of the texture of The Western Wall in Jerusalem

“Shema Israel” Necklace made with imprint of the texture of The Western Wall in Jerusalem

What does your heritage mean to you? Everyone has a “heritage,” a tradition, a connection to their roots. We invite you to explore your own heritage and share it with others by contributing to our newest collection, “Heritage.”

As residents of Los Angeles we are privileged to enjoy a wide diversity of cultures, and benefit from the broad variety of backgrounds that each of us bring to the LA community. As you start to consider how you understand your heritage, join us on a journey to not just become more aware of your own cultural beliefs and practices but also learn about others’ cultures, traditions, and values. While exploring other customs from people all over the world, we find many values which are common to all communities, and through another’s eyes we discover new ways of looking at the same things. Recognizing such cultural differences and similarities enables us to transcend the cross-cultural divide and allows us to embrace the values of others.

We would like to invite you to submit a symbol, image, or text which symbolizes the word heritage to you. Out of all your submissions, we will chose several to be included in our new “Heritage” collection! If we use your submission in our collection you will get a free piece of jewelry imprinted with your submission!

There is no limit to the number of entries and every entry used will get a free piece of jewelry. If we receive multiples of the same symbol, text, or image, and we chose that submission, then the first one submitted will win the free piece of jewelry.

Email your submissions to to be included for entry.

Sample Submissions Can Include Symbols, Images, or Text:

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